CareerGlass Comprehensive Assessment

This easy, multiple-choice questionnaire takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and yet it effectively measures your strengths, aptitudes, abilities, personality factors, skills, interests and work preferences. It will give you reliable answers and feedback regarding your best job and career matches as well as best college major matches. These matches are personalized for you and will offer you the highest potential for identifying the job/career that’s right for you. Learn about the components of CareerGlass’s assessment below:

Personality/Work profile

A person’s strengths, aptitudes, abilities, work style and personality factors are the most important factors in determining whether a person is well suited to certain types of work and career paths or not. CG’s specialized personality assessment component generates a wealth of information regarding these factors. This information includes a list of your best work environments and factors that are likely to motivate you and contribute to your job satisfaction. This information is presented in the CG Personal Profile Report and is also used to generate your customized list of high potential job and career path options.

Skills and Interests

Your skills and interests are essential pieces in the process of making informed job and career path decisions. This component will identify and confirm your skills and interests. This information is used, along with the results from the other components, to generate a list of recommended job titles and career areas that will give you the best opportunities for finding rewarding educational, work and career experiences.

Work Preference Assessment

How you like to accomplish work and what work preferences you have are important factors in making good career path decisions. CG will use your work likes and preferences as a part of the process to generate your list of high potential job, career path and college major options.

Your Best Job Matches

When you have completed the questionnaire, CareerGlass will automatically generate a list of your highest potential job titles. Alongside of each of your job title matches you will see a college graduation cap icon. Clicking on the cap icon will show you your list of high potential college major matches. On each job title line you will also see an information icon that you can click on to learn the following about that particular job:
  • Typical job descriptions and work activities
  • Salary and compensation ranges
  • Educational requirements
  • Required skills, knowledge, abilities and strengths
  • Credentials, tools and technologies required
  • Personal work styles that function best
  • Future outlooks for job growth and opportunity

CareerGlass’s Advanced Filter for Finding More Job Matches

By clicking on CareerGlass’s “Advanced Filters” button, you can see additional job titles that would be good potential matches for you.

Personal/Work Profile Report

A prominent feature of CareerGlass is your Profile Report. This report is generated using an advanced assessment technology that many top employers use to match new employees with the jobs and career paths that will offer them the best opportunities for job satisfaction and success. The information in this report will help you better understand your personality and how these personal factors combine to make you best suited for certain types of jobs and career paths. As noted in the Personality Assessment feature, this personal profile information is also used to generate your list of high potential jobs, careers and college major options. This report contains:
  1. A narrative report that describes your personal and work style.
  2. A listing of your strengths
  3. A listing of your primary motivators
  4. A listing of your most comfortable and productive work environments
  5. Your behavioral profile projected on a classic profile chart

Passions Identification Exercise

CareerGlass offers an additional exercise that helps you identify and confirm your passions. Research consistently shows that people who pursue vocations that involve their passions are more likely to experience long term job satisfaction and success. This information can be used to narrow down and refine your job, career and college degree choices.

Action Planning Guide

Once you have made a decision regarding a job area, career path or college major, you can use the CG Action Planning Guide to create a specific action plan that sets goals, lists tasks to be completed and sets timeframes for completion in order to achieve your goals. This section includes an inventory template for listing your knowledge, experience and education.

Career Success Tool Kit

Your CareerGlass “Career Success Tool Kit” provides you personalized information, advice and recommendations to help manage your career and improve on-the-job success. It contains eight sections:
  1. Building a More Effective “Strengths-Based” Resume
  2. Using your profile information to interview more effectively
  3. Your job search: Workplace environments and cultures that you should avoid
  4. Your job search: Job-related de-motivators you should avoid
  5. Your job search: Recognizing your limitations
  6. Elevating your workplace performance and success
  7. Your best leadership style
  8. Your best roles and contributions

On-line Job Search Function

Once you have chosen the job type/career you want to pursue, you can use CareerGlass’s on-line job search function to identify actual job postings on job boards.

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